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Article: The new CLEAN

The new CLEAN

The new CLEAN


There is no question that the skin should be cleansed daily to remove sebum, dirt and make-up products. Removing make-up before going to bed is an absolute must. Only properly cleansed skin remains beautiful and able to intensively absorb nourishing ingredients applied afterwards. Yet water alone is not the solution, as water – contrary to popular opinion – draws moisture from the skin and at the same time fails to adequately remove sebum and dirt.

Gentle cleansing products, which are kind to the skin's acid mantle, deliver better results and ensure more intensive absorption of masks, serums or creams applied afterwards. Care products work better on skin that has been properly cleansed but not completely stripped. What matter are the cleansers used and their effects on the skin's microbiome. “The more, the better”, “more product and lots of foam makes your skin cleaner” ... this is not the solution when it comes to facial cleansing – or for body care either, for that matter. The skin suffers increasingly, not only from external influences but also from the use of aggressive cleansers and excessive cleansing rituals. That’s why nowadays we have some especially gentle yet extremely effective options for cleansing our environmentally stressed skin.



Surfactants, otherwise known as detergent substances, have made the leap into the next generation and are manufactured these days on the basis of sugar (glucose), usually in combination with palm or coconut oil. These new, modern surfactants are very effective and thorough, but also extremely hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. In contrast to cationic surfactants, which can severely irritate the skin, we use non-ionic sugar surfactants in the CLEANSE range. These have a gentle and effective cleansing action.

The pH value of the products, which is between 5.4 and 5.5, also plays a key role in protecting the microbiome and thus strengthening the skin’s barrier function in the long term. All three of the new CLEANSE products are so gentle on the skin that its natural acid mantle remains intact, which in turn helps to keep our microfilm healthy. What’s more, CLEANSE products do not contain any dehydrating alcohols and, like all MUTI products, are free from fragrances, parabens, paraffin, silicones, mineral oils, sulphates and PEGs.

Deep-down cleansing is important, and not only for combination to oily skin. Yet unpleasant tautness and redness are no longer inevitable side effects, especially when it comes to getting rid of spots and excess sebum on the skin. The addition of moisturising factors ensures that the skin retains a good level of elasticity (tone). After use, the skin feels pleasantly soft and smooth thanks to the additional helping of moisture. For combination and oily skin, we recommend the PURIFYING GEL CLEANSER. The low-foaming texture of the gel indicates the use of gentle surfactants. The lactic acid it contains dissolves dead skin cells and smooths the appearance of the skin. Prebiotics such as inulin, a plant-derived (sugar-based) moisturising agent, protect the skin against dehydration and leave it feeling pleasantly smooth. With a pH value of 5.5, it is perfectly matched to the skin’s acid mantle and therefore cleans it deep down without upsetting the balance of the microbiome.

The mildest product in the CLEANSE range, the creamy GENTLE MILK CLEANSER, is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Containing apricot kernel oil, it gently cleanses the skin without dehydrating it. Anti-inflammatory tocopherol calms the appearance of the skin and binds moisture. Anti-microbially effective plant extract and bisabolol enhance the anti-inflammatory effect and thus balance the irritated surface of the skin, with lasting results. The pH value of 5.5 is matched to the skin’s acid mantle, and the skin’s own lipids are thus preserved.

The HYDRATING MICELLAR WATER also offers an intensive preliminary cleansing step, for example when lavish eye or lip make-up is to be removed. Less rubbing to loosen colour pigments means less redness. Then, depending on skin type, the GENTLE MILK CLEANSER or PURIFYING GEL CLEANSER can provide intensive clarifying.



The ε-Peptide Complex, specially developed by MUTI, is used for the first time in the CLEANSE range. It consists of five peptides, which stimulate, accelerate or strengthen the body's own regeneration and anti-ageing processes.

As well as peptides. the unique complex contains enzymes, proteins and amino acids, which support the skin’s microbiome in its daily work against oxidative stress and at the same time reinforce its immune defences. The balanced combination of essential components supports the skin’s natural protective film. As well as the strengthening of the skin barrier, fine lines and wrinkles are minimised by the peptides used.

The use of enzymes, which actively work against UV radiation and are involved in the formation of collagen, plays an important role in the regeneration of the skin.

Amino acids, as the smallest building blocks of proteins, are responsible for processes throughout the body and are an essential component of skin, hair, bones, cartilage, and the musculature. They stabilise the pH level and preserve the skin’s moisture. Another important aspect is that amino acids ensure better tolerance of substances – again, primarily aggressive surfactants in this case. Active ingredients, which can irritate delicate and sensitive skin and upset the long-term balance of the delicate microbiome.


What is recommended after cleansing the skin? During the day, a skincare and/or sun protection product in order to counteract oxidative stress caused by free radicals and protect sensitive skin against UV radiation. Contrary to popular belief, free radicals and photoageing also occur in the office, as they are not screened out by window panes.

At night, when your skin’s regenerative powers are doing their work, ingredients are required that support these processes actively and lastingly. As well as matching cleansing and skincare to the skin type, a healthy, nutrient-rich diet, adequate sleep and plenty of fresh air are also essential for relaxed, beautiful-looking skin.



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