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Article: The MUTI ε-Peptide Complex® and the microbiome – the perfect match

Der MUTI ε-Peptide-Complex® und das Mikrobiom - das perfekte Match

The MUTI ε-Peptide Complex® and the microbiome – the perfect match

Our skin’s microbiome

Delicate or sensitive skin is a central issue of our times. It has various causes and affects all age groups. And sensitive skin, in particular, requires special nourishment that soothes, hydrates, balances and ensures lasting protection. The skin barrier functions as a protective shield against foreign bodies from the outside. The microbiome, also known as skin flora, describes the entirety of the microorganisms over the whole body and is part of this protective barrier. No two microbiomes are the same as they are conditioned by genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors, but similarities are possible. The bacterial composition of the microbiome varies in different areas of the skin. This is caused by skin zones being dry, moist, oily or rich in sebum. If the skin flora is weakened due to internal or external factors, the skin may be no longer able to perform its barrier function properly, or at all. If the skin flora has already been damaged, the skin barrier no longer responds as it should since the body's own bacteria are no longer in balance; harmful germs penetrate and may ultimately trigger inflammation.

If the microbiome goes out of balance

Especially with the current requirement to wear a face covering, the skin’s reaction to the “breath sauna” becomes apparent. The exhaled air creates a damp environment, and therefore ideal conditions for the spread of bacteria. Wearing a mask for extended periods in turn draws out moisture from the skin and weakens the protective barrier, making it more susceptible to external stresses. To keep the skin healthy, the protective barrier needs to be permanently strengthened – ideally by ensuring that the microfilm works properly and by supplying moisture, e.g. in the form of hyaluronic acid, which can be delivered to the deeper layers of the skin.

However, it is not just the mask requirement that stresses the microbiome. Aggressive soaps and cleansers also strip the skin of its protective film, often several times a day. This doesn’t usually cause problems as the skin flora regenerates within a few hours. The microbiome does this by slightly acidifying the skin to protect it against pathogens. Further detrimental effects are caused by medications, UV rays, stress, alcohol, nicotine and lack of sleep. Many factors often cannot be deliberately influenced and have a lasting effect on the stability of the barrier layer. The necessary regeneration of the microfilm is therefore often possible only to a very limited extent, if at all.

The MUTI ε-Peptide Complex® protects and strengthens the microbiome

In order to reestablish a healthy barrier layer and keep the microbiome healthy in the long term, the new, innovative MUTI ε-Peptide Complex® relies on the interaction of highly active power substances. The unique symbiosis of active ingredients was developed based on knowledge of the diversity of peptide combinations in collaboration with enzymes and amino acids. Stabilising and strengthening immunity was the challenge and objective of two years of hard work spent on developing the complex.

The ε-Peptide Complex® provides a daily defence against aggressive environmental influences, such as photoageing caused by UV rays. It actively counteracts redness and inflammation. Only an intact skin barrier with perfectly balanced skin flora can fully exercise its protective function. The ε-Peptide Complex® shows its full effects in the individual MUTI product ranges.

CLEANSE range: mild cleansing, which protects the microbiome

Gentle cleansing is especially important for the skin, as even washing strips it of useful microorganisms. The pH value of healthy skin is between 4.5 and 5.5. The microfilm slightly acidifies the skin, which inhibits the spread of pathogens. The gentle cleansing products in the CLEANSE range are perfectly matched to the skin’s pH value and do not stress it additionally. They form the basis of the skincare routine for maintaining the balance of the microbiome and counteracting itching, redness and even the development of eczema or fungi. Even during the cleansing process, the ε-Peptide Complex® unfurls its positive effects; dead skin cells are removed without leaving the skin feeling taut or dried out. The gentle cleansing products additionally moisturise the skin and endow it with active ingredients that protect the cells. After cleansing, the pores appear finer and the skin feels clean and soft. It is ideally prepared for the following care products in the ADD and FACE range, so that the active ingredients they contain can penetrate better and achieve their full effectiveness.

FACE range: helps the skin to help itself

Since the skin is constantly subjected to free radicals, this leads to oxidative stress and may ultimately favour premature skin ageing. Healthy skin has an intact skin barrier and a balanced microbiome. The FACE range, through its ε-Peptide Complex®, takes advantage of this. The active ingredient formula can unfurl its full power in the day and night creams. A balanced proportion of microorganisms in the ε-Peptide Complex® helps protect the skin against external stress factors. The unique anti-ageing formulation of peptides, enzymes and amino acids prevents premature skin ageing: peptides stimulate the collagen and elastin in the skin, where they activate collagen synthesis. The hardening of the collagen that increases over the years is slowed, while lines and wrinkles are smoothed. Enzymes protect the skin against free radicals and environmental influences, and lastingly activate the skin’s own metabolic processes. The strong antioxidant effect stimulates the immune defences, accelerates regeneration processes and lastingly locks moisture into the deeper layers of the skin.

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