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UV rays, air pollution, lack of sleep, and stress aid the formation of free radicals and therefore oxidative stress, which the skin can no longer easily balance out. But how does this actually happen? Free radicals are unstable molecules, from which an electron is missing. They take this electron from the body’s own cells and damage them as a result. The skin loses its radiance, becomes drier, fine lines and wrinkles form. Vitamin C is one of the most important weapons against free radicals. The antioxidants it contains make an electron available and thus neutralise free radicals. Highly concentrated formulas such as the VITAMIN C SERUM provide the necessary support and prevent premature skin ageing. However, vitamin C in a too high concentration or frequent doses may increase the skin’s photosensitivity. We therefore recommend that you apply sun protection when using vitamin C products during the day. Alternatively, just incorporate them into your evening routine. And then start the day with a fresh glow in the morning.