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Oily or combination skin not only produces more sebum, but is also prone to more rapid keratinisation. The problem is then that the sebum cannot flow, leading to impurities and inflammation. It is therefore advisable, for these skin types, to use a cleansing product which, besides regular cleansing, also removes dead skin cells and leaves the surface of the skin free from excess sebum.

The PURIFYING GEL CLEANSER contains a clean, yet highly effective combination of active ingredients, such as lactic acid – a classic when it comes to gentle exfoliation, but which is also contained in the skin as a natural moisturising factor and a constituent of the skin’s natural acid mantle. It also contains the unique MUTI e Peptide Complex, which helps to thoroughly remove dead skin cells, sebum and make-up, while at the same time moisturising and regenerating the skin deep down. After all, even oilier skin must not be allowed to dry out. This is also helped by a prebiotic called inulin, which is a plant-based sugar substance, and the formulation itself, which is oriented exactly to the skin’s pH level so that the microbiome is not damaged.