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This is the next generation in anti-ageing care: Let's start with the texture of the serum. It is so fine that it is absorbed effortlessly and brings the highly concentrated active ingredients quickly to their place of action in the respective skin layers. And these active ingredients have it all: they are precisely coordinated and their high performance has been scientifically proven. The moisturising complex uses a modern combination of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids: they can bind moisture on the surface as well as in the deeper layers, effectively plumping up the skin. The new peptide complex uses the full potential of the exciting game changers in cosmetics: a combination of highly effective signal peptides helps to reduce the formation of new expression lines by suppressing neurotransmitter transmission at the muscle cells. In addition, a highly active tripeptide stimulates collagen synthesis in the fibroblasts, thus combating hardening of the fibres and loss of elasticity. In combination with the moisture complex, the skin gets a daily freshness booster and thus its youthful radiance back. The combination of active ingredients is complemented by the antioxidant power of vitamin E. And a very special player from nature: the extract from South American paracress. It has a relaxing effect on the microcontractions in the skin, thus reducing expression lines and making the complexion look more relaxed. The effect: the skin feels good. And after just a few weeks, it has regained its youthful radiance. This is how we combine "Nature & Science", the best of both worlds.