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Even dry and sensitive skin needs thorough cleansing, for example to remove sebum, make-up or particulate matter. Inadequate cleansing of the skin may give rise to microinflammation, which in turn lead to premature skin ageing. However, for sensitive skin types with a tendency to dryness, cleansing products should have particularly gentle formulations, free from strong surfactants, perfume or alcohol. What matters is that they are still effective, so that they do not need to be rubbed in as this would stress the skin unnecessarily.

The GENTLE MILK CLEANSER is the gentlest cleansing product in the CLEANSE range.

It contains the cleansing components apricot kernel oil and the MUTI e Peptide Complex, which contains peptides and enzymes to ensure that dead skin cells and make-up are removed, while at the same time the skin is also provided with targeted moisture. It also contains anti-inflammatory and soothing active ingredients such as bisabolol and an antimicrobial plant extract from bitter orange blossom. To protect the microbiome, the formula, with a pH value of 5.5, has been matched to the acid mantle of the facial skin.