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Why does the skin need extra nourishment at night? Because it’s at night that the elementary repair processes take place and the skin may need extra support with these. Night creams contain active ingredients that provide the skin with what it needs to recover and to combat minor inflammation caused by environmental pollution, feelings of tautness or fine lines and wrinkles. One such ingredient is fragmented hyaluronic acid, which is the heart – or, more accurately, the power core – of all MUTI products. In its short chain (fragmented) form, it can moisturise all layers of the skin and activate the skin’s own ability to store moisture. The skin’s most important defence mechanism – its natural hydrolipid protective film – is thus strengthened, supported by the oil-replenishing lipids of macadamia oil. At the same time, active ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C ensure smooth internal repair processes, leaving the skin completely rested in the morning.

The Anti-Age Night Cream Plus is therefore the best example of how just a few, carefully selected and perfectly matched active ingredients can provide the best support for the skin. And what does the “plus” mean? This cream is much richer than the Anti-Age Night Cream and is therefore perfect for very dry or demanding skin.