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A good sunscreen is the best protection against skin ageing. This is because the combination of UVA, UVB and infrared rays damages the skin on all levels. It is therefore advisable to limit exposure to the sun as far as possible. This means, ideally, staying in the shade and avoiding direct sun in the middle of the day. And taking care to use the correct sunscreen from the tube.

For our SUN range, we use only filters that have been proven harmless to people and the environment. They do not accumulate in the body or disrupt metabolic processes or the hormonal balance, and are photostable and ocean-friendly. In addition, a vitamin complex protects against infrared radiation and the formation of free radicals, which also significantly accelerate skin ageing.

The FACE SPF 30 is suitable for darker skin tones or skin that is already tanned. Important: always apply at least fifteen minutes before sun exposure, so that the filters have time to develop.