Dry air, cold, heat, particulate matter, allergens – the skin has a lot to deal with from morning until night. If you spend time in the sun during the day, whether cycling to work, at the children’s playground or at lunch in the street cafe, your skin needs extra support. That’s why we have also developed our ANTI-AGE DAY CREAM in a version with SPF 20. Of course, it also contains all the cosmetic active ingredients supported in the version without SPF. Alongside the main active ingredient of all MUTI products, namely fragmented hyaluronic acid, it contains the power substance ectoine. Not only does it protect against environmental influences, it can also repair existing damage. as it has a cell-activating effect, stimulates collagen development and binds moisture in the skin for longer. This makes the skin plumper and fresher from the inside out.

Important: even though our sun protection filters are kind to the skin, it is important not to overburden the skin unnecessarily. If you don’t spend much time outdoors during the day, you can use the normal Anti-Age Day Cream.