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Was hilft gegen trockene Haut?


In Germany, around 20 to 35 percent of people are affected by dry skin. This is a big problem, especially in the cold season. Warm, heated air with ice-cold weather outside, or changing weather conditions, can trigger dryness even in normal skin. No wonder, then, that skin types already prone to dryness are now sounding the alarm. But how can dry skin be brought back into balance?


The first sign associated with dryness is an uncomfortable sensation of the skin. It feels taut, has isolated rough, flaky areas, and may even start itching and burning in the worst cases. Extreme weather conditions can aggravate the symptoms even further. Areas of dry skin, which mainly affect the cheeks at first, can be made even worse by the use of foundation. If the day cream that is applied is not rich enough and is possibly further combined with a mattifying foundation, this can dry the skin out even more. And, incidentally, dry skin makes wrinkles appear earlier. That’s why early treatment with a separate skincare product is recommended, especially in the eye area.


Dry skin is lacking in lipids, which in normal circumstances lock moisture into the skin and protect it against external influences. If the hydro-lipid layer is not intact, the result is a permeable barrier, which releases too much water and even oil to the outside. This loss dehydrates the horny layer of the skin. The horny cells separate from one another and become visible in the form of light flaking. Even though skin dryness is usually hereditary, it may also be triggered by other factors. Rich in sebaceous glands, the skin is usually sufficiently protected by sebum. This can change quickly due to external influences, such as cold, heat, wind, sun, environmental pollution and even cigarette smoke. Sometimes, however, it is also aggressive cleansing products that lead to the skin becoming dehydrated.


1. Of course, dry skin needs plenty of added moisture. In the form of hyaluronic acid, for example. The short- and long-chain hyaluronic acids in the HYDRATING SERUM ensure that moisture is optimally stored in the skin, even down into the deeper skin layers. We recommend applying it to slightly moistened skin, in order to enhance the infusion of moisture into the skin. Miraculous hyaluronic acid binds up to 6,000 times its own weight in water and is therefore the ideal start to a care routine for dry skin.

2. Dry skin requires not only moisture, but also sufficient oil. This is essential, especially in the winter months. Once the temperature falls to minus eight degrees, the skin actually stops producing its own oils. This calls for a skincare product with the highest level of oil-replenishing substances. Products with natural oils and ceramides, the skin's own building blocks, are ideal. They rest on the skin like a kind of protective film (known as occlusion) and prevent the loss of moisture. Very similar to sebum, the natural plant oils return additional oil to the skin.

Perfekt geeignet für trockene Haut sind Produkte auf Wasser-in-Öl-Basis, wie zum Beispiel die Nachtcreme

Products based on water-in-oil emulsions, such as the NIGHT CREAM and the NIGHT CREAME PLUS, are perfect for dry skin. Enriched with macadamia oil and shea butter, the night creams support the skin’s regeneration, provide it with long-lasting moisture, make dryness lines disappear and reduce the typical taut feeling of dry skin. In the richer Plus version, the night cream can also be used as a mask. Either apply the mask thickly and leave to work for 15 minutes, or leave a generous portion to soak in while you sleep as an overnight spa treatment.

3. Use gentle cleansing products. The CLEANSE range offers a choice of three different consistencies, according to preference and skin requirements. With its mild sugar surfactants and pH levels of 5.4 to 5.5, identical to the skin’s own, it cleanses particularly gently, without stripping away the main components of the protective barrier and thereby attacking the microbiome. The skin’s barrier continues to be stabilised and lastingly strengthened by the innovative MUTI ε-Peptide Complex®.

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